"Caligula"... No More Mr. Nice Guy

Please note:  There will be some nudity and simulated sex.  Extras will also be needed for pool

and party scenes.  This is not pornography, hopefully it will be HBO​

Homo Erectus:  25ish.  

Caligula's decorator, in charge of decorating and catering all the  events at the palace.  Gay..... very gay.

Caligula: 25-35. Hysterically deranged.  A real mad man with ultimate power.  Blood lust and

sex are his priorities when he's

not paranoid about someone 

trying to assassinate him.

Clitoris:  25ish. Caligula's favorite slave.  Always half dressed or not at all, she is popular at orgies and official dinners. She is in love with the handsome and honest Senator Caveat Emptor

Drusilla: 25ish.  Sister to Caligula, out of her mind, she is as nuts as Caligula, has sex with him, and pretty much everyone else.   

Tuchus: 30ish.  House slave, warm, empathetic, and a bit large in the posterior.  She is loved from afar by Caligula's personal slave, Ridiculous.

Ridiculous: Caligula's personal slave, terrified, subservient, often beaten, a good guy who must clean up whatever mess Caligula makes.   He is in love with Tuchus. 

Scrotum Maximus: 30-40. The head of the Pretorian Guards.  He protects Caesar, no matter who it may be.  He cannot be trusted, and enjoys killing people.

Caveat Emptor:  30ish. Roman Senator, a good man, and in love with Clitoris.  Caligula is jealous of Caveat, and wants him dead, Caveat does what he can not to be dead.